The Speciality Store Devoted to Japanese Umeshu and Fruit Liquor Lover

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Along with the thorough nurturing of fruits and crops. We hope you will enjoy the taste of the best quality.

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No Matter the Occasion. Have an astonishing time with our delicious well crafted fruit liquor.

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Our Fruit Liquors are brewed meticulously by our passionate and driven brewers.

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What is Umeshu & Yuzu-shu?

梅酒屋 のこだわり


Umeshu - The liquor that embodies the taste of Japan.
Presenting UMESHUYA, the culmination of countless years in technique and experience in sake brewing and plum farming.
Producing an Umeshu so rich in unrivalled characters.

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[Beautiful Time with our Umeshu]
Conveying the pleasures of drinking ~ Natural landscape, clean air, fresh ingredients – the indispensable fundamentals that make a good drink. Japan is blessed with an abundance of nature rich regions, making for perfect conditions for brewing alcohol. The elegant Niigata alcohol goes well with Ama-ebi (sweet shrimp). Kagoshima’s Potato Shochu enriches the sweet & salty pork stew from the region. Yamanashi’s wine pairs exquisitely well with Koshu-Jidori, a local chicken dish from Koshu city (Yamanashi prefecture). “The alcohol we brew is akin to our offspring. When we deliver them to the store, it is like sending our daughters away for marriage.” Our farmers and brewers produce each bottle with pride and utmost diligence,where quality is of paramount importance. We produce the best quality alcohol, not only known for the splendid taste, but one you can drink to your heart’s content.

スタッキングボトルシリーズ Stacking Bottles Series

stacking bottles

花札シリーズ Hanafuda Series


塩シリーズ Salt Series


特産シリーズ Gotouchi Series


京都シリーズ Kyoto Series


福梅シリーズ Fu Ku Ume Series

Fu ku ume

プレミアムジンジャーシリーズ Premium Ginger Series

premium ginger

濁濁シリーズ Dakudaku Series


ニューホワイトシリーズ New White Series

new white