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SHIO UME | 塩うめ | 720ml

SHIO UME | 塩うめ | 720ml

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Series | 塩シリーズ / Salt 

Fruit | Plum

Alcohol Base | Sake

Alcohol % | 7%

Ingredients | Plum, Refined sake, A saccharide, Salt

SHIO UME is a salted Umeshu that gives off a mixed of flavour profiles such as acidity, richness, and saltiness that lingers in your mouth. It is an unscented liquor that has a natural pale and calm amber color.

Salt brings out the flavor of plum hence we use "Umi no Sei", a type of salt that is full of natural minerals which are made using the traditional salt-making method. You can enjoy the original charm of plums brought out by a pinch of salt.

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