About Us

"I want to share the delicious brewed sake."
We are a group of active, hyper and bubbly Asians that has a passion of introducing our Japanese cultures and hidden treasures to the rest of the world.
In 2012, we established ourselves in Singapore as a trading company that supports and collaborates with Japanese clients to share their products to the rest of the world.


UMESHUYA primary aim is to convey the feelings of our customers through our sake and handmade products.


UMESHUYA mission is to make people's dining experience more fulfilling with our sake.


Our fruits and crops are well-nurtured by our passionate and driven brewers that have made UMESHUYA's fruit liquor with pride and joy.
Our brewers have poured their hearts into producing every bottle of sake with their utmost attention, affection and care to detail. 
We hope that you will enjoy tasting the quality of UMESHUYA
Hishinuma Trading Co. Pte. Ltd. is the exclusive agent in Singapore for "UMESHUYA"