• 1903年(明治36年)
  • The first generation, Founder Utada Tokutaro was born in Nara Prefecture.
  • As the 6th son of the timber distributor, went into sake distributor for his love of drinking at the age 21.


  • 1935年(昭和10年)
  • The year dream came true, The Ueda Liquor store is official open.
  • Unfortunately the following year; due a large typhon that hit Kansai, the store was badly flooded.
  • A smaller liquor store was open and operates again in Osaka, Miyakojima.


  • 1945年(昭和20年)
  • The store was burned due to air raid.
  • While going through this hardship challenges repeatedly, but without giving up and the more " I want to share the delicious brewed sake" with everyone, so the liquor store was recover back for operation again.


  • 1963年(昭和38年)
  • The store was successfully inherited to the second generation, Ueda Tadao.
  • We successfully took over "Tokutaro Spirits" and Ueda Liquor store is operating successfully although in a small scale.


  • 1988年(昭和63年)
  • The store was rename as "WINEHOUSE UEDA" and fully renovated.
  • Exclusive and rare wines selection were emphasised, regular flavour were also prioritized. 


  •  2000年(平成12年)
  • The third generation was inherited to Ueda Hisao.
  • The business is then renamed as "SAKE TAKAKURA" to commemorate his hometown Takakura Cho.
  • This store is then to provide unique special local flavors from small breweries all over Japan.


  • 2005年(平成17年)
  • An e-commerce shop UMESHUYA was set up at Rakuten.
  • UMESHUYA was Awarded by Rakuten; shop of the year for three consecutive years (2008,2009 & 2010). 


  • 2013年(平成25年)
  • SAKE TAKAKURA was relocated to Miyakojima Hondori.
  • In order to expand and introduce our liquor to the market, we had open a restaurant "COVO" where you can enjoy stone klin Japanese pizza with our Japanese wines and seasonal a la carte.


 No matter what the occasions will be,
you will definitely have an astonishing time with our special delectable well-crafted alcohol.
Along with the thorough nurturing of fruits and crops,
our fruit liquors are made meticulously by our passionate and driven brewers.
We hope you will enjoy tasting the quality,
affection and utmost care to detail in every bottle of sake that our brewers have poured their hearts into producing.