"I want to share the delicious brewed sake." is a quote that has been passed down from generations.



  • The first generation, Founder Utada Tokutaro was born in Nara Prefecture.
  • As the 6th son of the timber distributor, he ventured into sake distributor for his love of drinking at the age 21.



  • His dream came true in 1935 when he officially opened "The Ueda Liquor store"
  • Unfortunately in the following year, the store was flooded badly due a large typhon that hit Kansai.
  • A smaller liquor store was opened and operated in Osaka, Miyakojima.



  • The store was burned due to air raid.
  • Despite the hardships, he did not give up his dreams of "I want to share the delicious brewed sake." therefore he continued the liquor store operations again.



  • The store was subsequently inherited by the second generation, Ueda Tadao.
  • We successfully took over "Tokutaro Spirits" and Ueda Liquor store is operating successfully although in a small scale.



  • The store fully-renovated and was renamed as "WINEHOUSE UEDA".
  • Exclusive and rare wines selection were emphasized and regular flavor wines were also prioritized. 


  • The third generation was inherited by Ueda Hisao.
  • The business is then renamed as "SAKE TAKAKURA" to commemorate his hometown Takakura Cho.
  • This store aimed to provide unique special local flavors from small breweries all over Japan to its customers.