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PREMIUM GINGER YUZU | プレミアムジンジャー [ゆず] | 720ml

PREMIUM GINGER YUZU | プレミアムジンジャー [ゆず] | 720ml

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Series | プレミアムジンジャーシリーズ / Premium Ginger

Fruit | Yuzu & Ginger

Alcohol Base | Sake

Alcohol % | 8%

Ingredients | Refined sake, Yuzu juice, Distilled alcohol, Ginger syrup, Fructose

PREMIUM GINGER YUZU is luxury ginger and Japanese yuzu liquor that contains citrons from Tokushima, special sake, and rich syrup made from ginger from Kochi.

Experience the richness of flavour when drinking our premium ginger yuzu.

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