Mukashihanashi Setouchi Lemonshu | むかしはなし 瀬戸内れもん酒 | 720ml

Mukashihanashi Setouchi Lemonshu | むかしはなし 瀬戸内れもん酒 | 720ml

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Series | Mukashihanashi

Fruit | Setouchi Lemon

Base Alcohol | Sake

Alcohol % | 8.5%

Ingredients |  Japanese Sake, Lemon juice, Glucose, Salt

Mukashibanishi Setouchi Lemonshu is a unique blend as it infuses Setouchi lemons into the sake. It's special combination provides gentle sourness, saltiness and sweetness that lingers in the back of your palate.

The use of Setouchi lemons is unique as it is generally sweeter than normal lemons as it is grown in a warm climate under the abundance of sun, sea breeze and other natural touches from Okayama.

A versatile drink that can be consumed neat or with the addition of soda (ratio of 8:2)

Muromachi Sake Brewery has been in operations since 1688, the oldest brewery in Okayama that produces high-quality traditional sake. Never being afraid to go beyond the boundaries of sake making, they specially craft variations of fruit liquor by using local ingredients while sticking to their roots of sake making process of using malted rice to deliver the top-quality alcoholic beverages.

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