Mukashihanashi Teshibori Yuzushu | むかしはなし 手搾りゆず酒 | 720ml

Mukashihanashi Teshibori Yuzushu | むかしはなし 手搾りゆず酒 | 720ml

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Series | Mukashihanashi

Fruit | Yuzu

Base Alcohol | Sake and Rice Shochu

Alcohol % | 8.5%

Ingredients |  Japanese sake, Distilled alcohol, Yuzu juice, Glucose 

Mukashibanashi Teshibori Yuzushu showcases a perfect blend of Yuzu with sake and rice shochu that creates a fragrant smell of Yuzu that carries the flavours of sourness and a hint of bitterness that resembles the taste of eating directly from a Yuzu fruit.

The secret to creating a simple yet delicious Mukashibanashi Teshibori Yuzushu is by using high-quality and natural ingredients that are carefully extracted to deliver the tip-top quality of alcohol.

A versatile drink that can be consumed neat or with the addition of soda.

Muromachi Sake Brewery has been in operations since 1688, the oldest brewery in Okayama that produces high-quality traditional sake. Never being afraid to go beyond the boundaries of sake making, they specially craft variations of fruit liquor by using local ingredients while sticking to their roots of sake making process of using malted rice to deliver the top-quality alcoholic beverages.

UMESHUYA Singapore delivers Japanese specialty alcoholic drinks that contains Umeshu, Yuzushu, Sake, Shochu, Brandy and Whisky to you. With a large variety of flavours for all kinds of alcohol drinkers, it is suitable for any occasion.

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