Mukashihanashi Shimizuhakutoshu | むかしはなし しみず白桃酒 | 720ml

Mukashihanashi Shimizuhakutoshu | むかしはなし しみず白桃酒 | 720ml

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Series | Mukashihanashi

Fruit | Shimizu White Peach

Base Alcohol | Distilled Shochu

Alcohol % | 8.2%

Ingredients | Distilled alcohol, White Peach Plum, Crystal sugar, Citric acid ,Vitamin C

Mukashibanashi Shimizuhakutoshu is made with Shimizu white peaches infused with distilled shochu that creates a smooth texture that is filled with the natural peach sweetness and the essence of peach.

By using Shimizu white peaches from Okayama Prefecture that is well-known for their elegance of white colour and texture that melts in your mouth, Mukashibanashi Shimizuhakutoshu will be perfect for your taste buds.

Muromachi Sake Brewery has been in operations since 1688, the oldest brewery in Okayama that produces high-quality traditional sake. Never being afraid to go beyond the boundaries of sake making, they specially craft variations of fruit liquor by using local ingredients while sticking to their roots of sake making process of using malted rice to deliver the top-quality alcoholic beverages.

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