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Fruit | Plum

Alcohol Base | Whisky

Alcohol % | 25%

Ingredients | Green Plum from Nara pref, Single distilled shochu , A saccharide, Distilled alcohol, Whisky

MATSUNITSURU WHISKY UMESHU is a rich and Smoky whisky-based Umeshu.

MATSUNITURU is a type of card in Hanafuda. It consists of pine which is an evergreen tree that is lush in late autumn and winter, and has been a symbol of longevity. Both pine and crane are figures of the fortunate.

This bottle is filled with mellow and smoky whiskey and plum wine made from Nara prefecture plum. You can drink our whisky neat because it is smooth and sweet due to the natural sweetness of plum wine.

Manufactured from Nara prefecture by Yagi Sake Brewer which is situated in “Naramachi Temple” that is located inside Gangoji area and remains a historical street. Keeping to their roots as professional sake producers, they focus on producing high-quality sake traditionally, naturally and beautifully.

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