KYOTO YUZUSHU | 京都柚子酒 | 720ml
KYOTO YUZUSHU | 京都柚子酒 | 720ml

KYOTO YUZUSHU | 京都柚子酒 | 720ml

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Series | 京都シリーズ / Kyoto 

Fruit | Yuzu

Alcohol Base | Ginjo Sake

Alcohol % | 10%

Flavour Profile |

Sour 4 / 5

Light 4 / 5

Ingredients | Sake, Yuzu, Fructose

KYOTO YUZUSHU is a full-strength Yuzu liquor made of premium Daiginjo sake that is created by a sake brewery in Kyoto that has been in business for over 300 years with their main focus on yuzu liqueur that goes well with local cuisines from Kyoto.

The yuzu's original fragrance, sourness, and complexity are perfectly combined together to give you a premium product that you can enjoy.

Made from Kyoto prefecture by Shoutoku Sake Brewer which is located in Kyoto Fushimi. Pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into creating a perfect sake for their customers by using traditional sake brewing methods.

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