KYOTO UMESHU | 京都梅酒 | 720ml
KYOTO UMESHU | 京都梅酒 | 720ml

KYOTO UMESHU | 京都梅酒 | 720ml

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Series | 京都シリーズ / Kyoto

Fruit | Plum

Alcohol Base | Ginjo Sake

Alcohol % | 10%

Flavour Profile |

Sour 3 / 5

Light 3 / 5

Ingredients | Ginjo sake, Plum, Cane sugar

KYOTO UMESHU is a full-strength Umeshu made of premium Daiginjo sake. The sourness of plum is perfectly captured by own junmai sake (sake made without added alcohol or sugar), which is the ideal taste.

Kimuraya was the predecessor of the Shokutoku Sake Brewery, which started in 1645 in central Kyoto.

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