JUROU FUKUUME | 寿老福梅 | 720ml
JUROU FUKUUME | 寿老福梅 | 720ml

JUROU FUKUUME | 寿老福梅 | 720ml

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Series | 寿老福梅 / Fukuume

Fruit | Plum

Alcohol Base | Brandy

Alcohol % | 19%

Flavour Profile |

Sweet 2 / 5

Heavy 4 / 5

Ingredients | Plum, Sugar, Distilled alcohol, Brandy

JUROU means longevity which is one of the good luck words.

JUROU FUKUUME consists of smoky Umeshu that is aged in oak barrels used for storing in-house wines. It has an interesting blend of taste from plum and cacao incense.

It has a strong and lingering flavour that is not too sweet and yet rich in flavour.

Made from Osaka prefecture by Kawachi Wine which is located an hour drive away from Osaka. Kawachi Wine cultivates fresh grapes and brews its own wine. The style and passion for wine, umeshu, and brandy is taken over by the 4th generation representative. 

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