ICHINOMIYA ICHIGO | 一宮いちご | 720ml
ICHINOMIYA ICHIGO | 一宮いちご | 720ml

ICHINOMIYA ICHIGO | 一宮いちご | 720ml

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Series | 特産シリーズ / Gotouchi

Fruit | Strawberry

Alcohol Base | Sake

Alcohol % | 3%

Flavour Profile |

Sweet 2 / 5

Light 4 / 5

Ingredients | Strawberry paste(In Aichi pref. とちおとめ100%), Sake , Fructose, Plum酒, 檸檬juice

ICHINOMIYA ICHIGO is a fruity and juicy liquor that contains 40% fresh strawberry. It carries both a fine balance of sweetness, sourness, and juiciness from the strawberries.

ICHINOMIYA is a city in Aichi Pref where they made chunky pastes of best strawberries, grown by farmers in Ichinomiya City with a lot of time and effort.

Made from Aichi prefecture by Maruishi Sake Brewer which is located in Nishikawa. Due to its warm climate, healthy land and high-quality water, it is perfect for producing good quality Japanese sake.

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