TOROTORO NO UMESHU | とろとろの梅酒 | 720ml
TOROTORO NO UMESHU | とろとろの梅酒 | 720ml

TOROTORO NO UMESHU | とろとろの梅酒 | 720ml

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Series | 花札シリーズ / Hanafuda 

Fruit | Plum

Base Alcohol | Shochu

Alcohol % | 10%

Flavour Profile |

Sweet 4 / 5

Light 1 / 5

Ingredients |  Green Plum in Nara pref, Distilled spirits, A saccharide, Distilled alcohol, Plum pulp

"TOROTORO NO UMESHU" means thick plum wine. The fully ripened plum paste is combined with the wine prepared by pickling green plums from Nishiyoshino in home-brewed rice shochu (Japanese distilled beverage).

Fully ripened plum fruits covered in the mellow wine produce sweetness like a peach and these selected ingredients become one. This is our flagship unrefined plum wine.

Manufactured from Nara prefecture by Yagi Sake Brewer which is situated in “Naramachi Temple” that is located inside Gangoji area and remains a historical street. Keeping to their roots as professional sake producers, they focus on producing high-quality sake traditionally, naturally and beautifully.

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