SANAGE MOMO | 猿投もも | 720ml
SANAGE MOMO | 猿投もも | 720ml

SANAGE MOMO | 猿投もも | 720ml

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Series | 特産シリーズ / Gotouchi

Fruit | Peach

Alcohol Base | Sake

Alcohol % | 3%

Flavour Profile |

Sweet 4 / 5

Light 4 / 5

Ingredients | Peach puree(in Aich pref 100%), Sake , Fructose, Plum liqueur, Vitamin C

SANAGE MOMO is a rich and sweet liquor that contains unfiltered fresh peach. Because of its deliciousness, such as mellow sweetness and overflowing fruit juice, these precious peaches are mostly consumed locally and rarely found outside the prefecture. Peach liqueur with plenty of flesh is a dish that makes not only locals but also peach lovers nationwide.

Made from Aichi prefecture by Maruishi Sake Brewer which is located in Nishikawa. Due to its warm climate, healthy land and high-quality water, it is perfect for producing good quality Japanese sake.

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