PREMIUM GINGER KABOSU | プレミアムジンジャー生姜&かぼす | 720ml
PREMIUM GINGER KABOSU | プレミアムジンジャー生姜&かぼす | 720ml

PREMIUM GINGER KABOSU | プレミアムジンジャー生姜&かぼす | 720ml

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Series | プレミアムジンジャーシリーズ / Premium Ginger

Fruit | Kabosu & Ginger

Alcohol Base | Sake

Alcohol % | 8%

Flavour Profile |

Sour 1 / 5

Light 1 / 5

Ingredients | Refined sake, Kabosu juice, Distilled alcohol, Ginger syrup, Fructose

PREMIUM GINGER KABOSU is a luxury blend of Ginger and Japanese lime liquor (Kabosu) that gives off a rich sour citrus taste from the fruit. 

The extraction of this blend is extremely complex and time-consuming therefore this liqueur had been only available at the Kuramoto Ryotei, reservation-only restaurant, which opens only a few months at Naminooto Shuzou (sake brewery).

You can experience an exquisite spicy taste and citrus taste which can be refreshing.

PREMIUM GINGER KABOSU is versatile in its drinking method as it can be enjoyed by adding ice and mixing it with soda in hotter weather. While in colder weather, drinking it hot will taste good too. 

Made from Shiga prefecture by Naminooto Sake Brewer which is located in Ukimido. The sake brewers gain inspirations from the nature that surrounds them. By incorporating the ideas of the lake, air and history in Ukimido, they are able to make superior quality sake that is unique.

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