AOTAN NO YUZUSHU | 青短の柚子酒 | 720ml
AOTAN NO YUZUSHU | 青短の柚子酒 | 720ml

AOTAN NO YUZUSHU | 青短の柚子酒 | 720ml

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Series | 花札シリーズ / Hanafuda 

Fruit | Yuzu

Base Alcohol | Shochu

Alcohol % | 8%

Flavour Profile |

Sour 3 / 5

Heavy 2 / 5

Ingredients |  Yuzujuice, Distilled alcohol, A saccharide

AOTAN is a type of Hanafuda's card ( Japanese traditional card game). It is a blue poetry ribbon card that consists of peony, chrysanthemum and autumn leaves.

AOTAN NO YUZUSHU contains yuzu that provides a citrus sour taste and yet a mellow flavor contained in fruit oil.

Drinking in sips will give you a gentle and fruity scent and lingering taste of soft sourness. It is a rich and delicious drink made carefully by hand-squeezing local yuzu one by one.

Manufactured from Nara prefecture by Yagi Sake Brewer which is situated in “Naramachi Temple” that is located inside Gangoji area and remains a historical street. Keeping to their roots as professional sake producers, they focus on producing high-quality sake traditionally, naturally and beautifully.

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