TSUKIGASE NO UMEGENSHU / 月ヶ瀬の梅原酒 | STACKING BOTTLE / スタッキングボトルシリーズ | 180ml

TSUKIGASE NO UMEGENSHU / 月ヶ瀬の梅原酒 | STACKING BOTTLE / スタッキングボトルシリーズ | 180ml

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月ヶ瀬の梅原酒(180ml)| Tsukigase no Umeshu

Series | Stacking Bottle

Fruit | Plum

Alcohol Base | Umeshu

Alcohol % | 20%

Ingredients | Green plum in Nara pref. 100%, Distilled spirits, A saccharide

TSUKIGASE NO UMEGENSHU is a full-strength Umeshu that has the thickness and sweetness like honey which ordinary plum wine cannot draw out. The sweet and sour lingering finish gives you an exceptional drinking experience.

The alcohol content is 20% which the extracted content is 38%. This plum wine is much richer than the ordinary ones. In order to remain the juicy sweetness unique to plums, no split water or filtration is performed.

TSUKIGASE is a famous Bairin(plum-grove) located in Nara Pref.  The main ingredient of this alcohol is green plums harvested from Tsukigase Bairin, a famous scenic spot in Nara Prefecture.

In 1205, Tenjin Shrine was organized in the precincts of the Oyama Shinfukuji Temple, and plum trees were planted. Tsukigase Bairin is said to have originated by this.
This product uses only high-quality plums harvested from the plum-grove. By pickling the plums with plenty of three-year-old shochu, we are able to achieve a rich flavor.

Manufactured from Nara prefecture by Yagi Sake Brewer which is situated in “Naramachi Temple” that is located inside Gangoji area and remains a historical street. Keeping to their roots as professional sake producers, they focus on producing high-quality sake traditionally, naturally and beautifully.

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