NEW WHITE UMESHU / ニューホワイト梅酒 | STACKING BOTTLE / スタッキングボトルシリーズ | 180ml

NEW WHITE UMESHU / ニューホワイト梅酒 | STACKING BOTTLE / スタッキングボトルシリーズ | 180ml

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ニューホワイト梅酒(180ml)| New White Umeshu

Series | Stacking Bottle

Fruit | Plum

Alcohol Base | Ginjoshu

Alcohol % | 8%

Ingredients | Refined sake,  Plum, Lactic acid bacteria beverage, A saccharide

NEW WHITE is a combination of Calpico and plum wine.

NEW WHITE UMESHU is an umeshu with yogurt healthy drink that combines sweetness, thick texture and soft aftertaste with rich volume. It is a healing plum wine that makes you feel light and refreshed.

We recommend you mixing it with soda and milk or drinking it neat. 

Made from Mie prefecture by Kankoubai Sake Brewer that has been producing handcrafted sakes since 1854. Keeping close to their roots, the methods of creating good sake is still kept traditional.

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