BENTEN FUKUUME | 弁天福梅 / STACKING BOTTLE | スタッキングボトルシリーズ | 180ml

BENTEN FUKUUME | 弁天福梅 / STACKING BOTTLE | スタッキングボトルシリーズ | 180ml

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弁天福梅(180ml)| Benten Fukuume

Series | Stacking Bottle

Fruit | Plum & Grape

Alcohol Base | Brandy

Alcohol % | 12%

Ingredients | Plum, Sugar, Distilled Alcohol, Brandy, 葡萄juice(domestic production 100%)

BENTEN FUKUUME is an extraordinary fusion of grapes and umeshu that produces an elegant flavor profile.

BENTEN is an abbreviation of Benzaiten, also known as Sarasvatī. The goddess' name means graceful things and beauty.

Benten Fukuume was born through trial and error with the aim of making the liqueur that takes advantage of the unique strength of the winery. This liqueur made by blending grape juice and plum wine is the most elegant and gorgeous flavor in Fukuume collection’s history.

You can drink this neat in ice-cold temperature.

Made from Osaka prefecture by Kawachi Wine which is located an hour drive away from Osaka. Kawachi Wine cultivates fresh grapes and brews its own wine. The style and passion for wine, umeshu, and brandy is taken over by the 4th generation representative. 

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