Umeshu Tasting Day with Ippudo @ Shaw Center ($22.50 per entry)

In celebration of the opening of UMESHUYA boutique store @ Takashimaya, Umeshuya is collaborating with Ippudo to hold a Umeshu Tasting event at Ippudo restaurant at Shaw Centre between 21st - 23rd September for $22.50 per entry.

About Umeshu

Umeshu (梅酒) is a Japanese liqueur made by steeping ume plums (while still green and unripe) in liquor (焼酎, shōchū) and sugar. It contains nutrients such as iron, calcium, potassium , magnesium , manganese and other antioxidants that are essential in supporting red blood cells, increasing bone strength, promoting heart functionality, and decreasing blood pressure. Umeshu is also gluten-free, henceforth containing fewer calories than beer and wine. 

About the selection

Inspired by the founder’s roots and intertwined with his ideology of “I want to share the delicious brewed sake.", Umeshuya recommends some of its top sellers* namely Shio Ume for its mix of flavour profiles such as acidity, richness, and saltiness that lingers in your mouth.  The Aotan -  a name representing a type of Hanafuda's card (Japanese traditional card game). The Aotan no Yuzu Shu contains yuzu, providing a fruity scent. It is a rich and delicious drink made carefully by hand-squeezing the yuzu fruit. And lastly the Shio Yuzu - a salted yuzu liqueur that offers a unique blend of flavour profile of saltiness and sourness that creates an exquisite rich flavour.

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